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Glen Mourning 

2021 Summer Reading Challenge (Ages 8-14)

Are you looking for something exciting and educational for the entire family? Do your kids like to read, draw and create cool stories? Look no further! Join author, educator and nationally recognized speaker Glen Mourning along with thousands of students, teachers and parents across the country for this summer's Crunchy Life Kid's Series Reading Challenge! 


Official rules for participating: 

Step 1: Order books 1-8 of The Crunchy Life Kid's Series

Step 2: Download the free language arts activities and student tasks

Step 3: Read each book and complete the reflections in your Crunchy Life Journal

Step 4: Share a photo of you and your favorite Crunchy Life Kid's Series book on social media #Crunhcylifeseries

Sometimes life can get a little crunchy but never give up
Author of the soon to be #1 kid's series in America, the brains behind revolutionary African American History social studies resource for 5th-8th graders and the creator of powerful self-help curriculum for kids. 

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Fox 5 Black History Month Special 2021

School Visits 

1 Session: $400 ($200 Virtual)

Half Day: $1,000 (3 sessions)  

Classroom Lessons 

Writing Lesson: $200 (60 minute session)

Character Ed: $200 (60 minute session)

Keynote Speaker 

Please submit request (Rates and 

availability subject to change) 

Parent Literacy Workshops

Virtual Group Sessions: $200

One on One Sessions: $50

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