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Title: Social Distancing

Don’t forget your mask. Before you walk outside make sure you grab your mask. Be sure that you cover up and protect yourself from the germs and the virus that is plaguing our country and the world. It’s easily transmitted so your mask may help to protect you. Don’t touch anything, don’t talk back to anyone who might have it and always remember to wash your hands before you walk back into this house. If you have to go inside of a building be sure that your mask is on tight. Follow the rules and never speak too loud or aggressive because then your mask might come off. And if someone approaches you and demands that you cooperate don’t make any sudden moves because only God knows if your mask will protect you if someone feels that you are a threat. Be still. Be quiet. Be compliant, even if your mask is fully covering your black skin. Oh and before you leave the house to head outside sure to wear a mask.

June 1st-June 5th, 2020
Sometimes life can get a little crunchy but never give up
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