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Sometimes life can get a little "crunchy" but never give up!

Money Talks: Book 8-Coming September 2021

Financial literacy, history of economics and the realization that money doesn't grow on trees will be just a few of the lessons that book 8 of the Crunchy Life Series will bring to readers 

In a world full of problems, sometimes people believe that it's money that solves them. Most people would agree that money makes you happier but what happens when it doesn’t? For eleven year old Charles Anthony Thomas, he is in for a huge wake up call when every thing that he thought would make his life better, begins to destroy his own family.

Peanut Butter and Jealousy: Book 1 of Crunchy Life Jr.-Order Today!

Serenity Thomas may be the smartest kid in school. But no one seems to care about how this 3rd grade genius is feeling. Getting straight A’s and winning the science fair should have been enough to gain the attention from her mom and the rest of the city. But at Elite Public Charter School, there is something else that has taken up everyone’s attention. 

          As school lets out for the Summer, Serenity Thomas will have her work cut out for her as she competes for the spotlight. Although she's very competitive and smart, she'll have to figure out how to deal with her feelings and with not being the center of attention if she plans on enjoying any of her summer vacation. Will she let her jealousy over her brother's success get the best of her? Find out what happens in the first book of the Crunchy Life Jr. Series.

Hoop Dreams: Book 7 available now, 2020         

        She's got next! Alyah Marie aka Hoops is the straight A student in Mr. Leroy’s 5th grade class. She’s admired by all of her peers and adored by the teachers at Elite Public Charter School. Everyone has a plan for Alyah’s bright future but there’s just one small problem. She doesn’t want to be a lawyer or a doctor like the grown-ups have all pressured her to become. Alyah wants to be a WNBA superstar. 

       With that in mind, her family doesn’t even know that she likes basketball and would never let her play the sport that she so desperately loves. As gets older and smarter, she notices that the world around her is not as pleasant as it's made out to be. What will Alyah do when the world tries to stop her from chasing her heart’s desires?

The Dream Chaser: The Prequel to The Crunchy Life Series-Order Today!

        Tyrone Leroy was just a kid with a dream. Ever since he could remember, he was the biggest, fastest and strongest athlete on any given field of play. Everyone in the city knew the young superstar running back. But before money and fame, come tons of hard work and dedication.

        However, sometimes when you least expect it, life has a way of taking a turn for the worst. Will Tyrone Leroy have what it takes to make it out alive from his scary childhood? Or will fear and other obstacles be too much for him to handle? Find out as a boy becomes a young man, while running full speed to chase his dreams.

Recess Detention: Book One-Order Today!


          No one ever said that life was easy for kids growing up in big cities. First, there's the big State Test. Then, there’s the violence that happens in the neighborhoods. To add onto that, there are the bullies that kids have to face on a regular basis. If that isn’t enough stress for a kid, there's the thought that at any moment your teacher might quit and leave you without ever saying goodbye.

         For ten-year-old Charles Anthony Thomas, it was only a matter of time before school became too overwhelming for him. Will he have what it takes to successfully navigate through the fifth-grade? Does he have what it takes to lead his sisters down a positive road? Or will life in the charter school system prove to be much more than Crunchy can handle?

Naughty or Nice for the Holidays: Order Book 2 Today!

           It’s been a tough year so far for the fifth-graders at Elite Public Charter School. Crunchy has been struggling with dealing with missing out on recess and he has yet to find himself on Mr. Leroy’s good side. With the Christmas break approaching, Crunchy may be missing out on a lot more than recess if he doesn’t get his act together.

          Now that Ms. Brown is officially out of the building and Mr. Leroy has taken over for good, there have been some positive changes taking place in room 227. However, Crunchy hasn’t been learning. His friendships have been in shambles and he continues to find himself in frustrating situations where he hasn’t been able to avoid any of the blame. Will things turn around for Crunchy or will he continue to head down the wrong road?

Tough Cookies: Book Three -Order Today         

Roses are red, violets are blue, we fight for justice, how about you? In Mr. Leroy’s fifth-grade classroom, students are asking some real life questions. As a former NFL superstar Mr. Leroy is going to have to use whatever tools that he can to encourage and motivate his students to continue learning.  

         In most classrooms, the month of February is celebrated with flowers and candy. But for this group of fifth-graders, they don’t have time for all of that fun and fluffy stuff if they are going to pass their end of the year state test. Crunchy and his classmates are finding out out the importance of why doing their best as African American kids is a very important role. They are tasked with uncovering why we even have a Black History month in the first place. The kids may be in for a big surprise. The students in room 227 are ready to lead by example and learn. Or are they?

One Piece at a Time: Book Four-Order Today 

          During Black History month Crunchy was able to meet his hero Colin Kaepernick. Among all of the craziness and excitement, Crunchy had also developed a new love for school. But now that the moment has come and gone, there seems to no longer be any reason for Crunchy to feel important.  

          April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. However, with the big state test only one month away, Crunchy is still behind with his grades and continues to struggle with school. Most of the kids in room 227 are ready to finish the Spring off strong with their annual Spring Dance. Except, there’s one major problem. Crunchy is pretty sure that he doesn’t have enough scholar dollar points to attend the festival. Is Crunchy finally turning his act around? Or will he have to continue putting the pieces to his life together one piece at a time?

Every Point Counts: Book 5-Order Today !  

         Whoever said being a kid was fun couldn’t have been referring to life as a fifth-grader! For months now, the students in room 227 at Elite Public Charter School in Washington, D.C have been preparing for the big state tests. For some students, performing well on the tests will be the only way to prevent from being forced to attend a brutal month of summer school. And for one student in particular, doing well on his tests goes hand in hand with not staying back and repeating the fifth-grade.

          In a world full of challenges and difficult situations, Charles Anthony Thomas aka Crunchy will need to use every skill he has to make the most out of the month of May. Crunchy will be challenged with finding a way to come out on top as his teacher Mr. Leroy attempts to takes on a new role in Crunchy’s life.

          The weather in Washington, D.C may be warming up which has given the kids a reason to be excited. But if Crunchy is going to be able to enjoy any of the fun, he’ll  have to find a way to use all of his lessons from this school year to make the most out of every shot he takes at being successful.

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