Author,  Educator  &  Motivational  Speaker 

Glen Mourning 

Book Reviews 

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As an educator and product of public schools, this books is engaging and insightful. A great read for teachers and students.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Book 1 was a great one but it gets even better

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Just amazing. One right after the other

"Former Danbury student now author and public speaker is on his journey to inspire youth!  Those who were able to attend the Annual DSABC Breakfast saw first-hand how incredibly motivating he is."

Ellen Meyst, Director of Danbury Schools and Business Collaborative

"Have you ever believed in someone so much you wanted to help them in everything they do even if it is WAY out of your lane?

That’s how I feel about Glen Mourning. Kids these days, are going through things that are hard to explain given their young age. Glen as a teacher, author, and coach is helping his students by writing." Tyler Lorenzen, Superbowl XLIV Champion 

"Glen is absolutely phenomenal and I wish all of my teachers had what he has inside but I know that its a once in a lifetime type of fire." Marnie Durkin, Elementary principal