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Glen Mourning 

Welcome to the first step of determining if I am the best fit to work with your scholar. Depending on your specific needs, here is the next step. (I am currently only conducting virtual tutoring sessions via zoom conferencing). 

In the event that you are interested in scheduling sessions...This is what to expect.

1) A ten to twenty minute phone conference to hear more about your scholar's performance, your concerns, the school's specific concerns as well as a brief introduction to any social or emotional needs that your student requires. 

2)  Formal zoom reading and writing diagnostic using various online tools (consultation session requires analyzing data to prepare future sessions which has a rate of $125.00 for the data collecting session). Included in the 80 minute session are three universal screening benchmark assessments used to determine your scholar’s level of vocabulary acquisition, their literal and inferential comprehension skills as well as their general ability of written expression. 

3) Lastly, we would then set up a pre-paid arrangement to secure my availability as it pertains to a consistent approach to tutoring. I require a minimum of two reoccurring sessions for the first week for each student that I work with at a rate of $90.00 for two sessions and $120.00 for three sessions booked in advance to secure availability). 

Explanation: This approach will better ensure that  my support and lessons are effective in providing useful strategies. We then track your student’s growth by way of data analysis and progress monitoring. Each session is an hour long and heavily targeted based on the initial $125.00 diagnostic analysis session. 

Breakdown: Diagnostic data collection to prepare for future lessons: $125.00

Hourly Fee for single sessions booked: $50.00 

Hourly Fee for 2 sessions booked in advance: $90.00

Hourly Fee for 3 sessions booked in advance: $120.00

If you are interested in next steps please complete the form to share your availability  when scheduling your phone call. Thank you again.

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